So I was thinking.... 

Clearly, Giant Steps is a work of genius. And playing this song, and learning how to blow over those changes is a rite of passage for a lot of musicians. 

Yes, the song uses 3 tonal centers, Eb, B and G. One day playing through it, I wondered why Coltrane didn't play the melody though all 3 tonal centers?  He travels through Eb and B, but does not journey through G? Was it the 16 bar form that was in use at the time? 

So I decided to try a version with that in mind. Turns out that makes it 23 bar tune. (.PDF OF THE MUSIC)

Now, as you are probably aware, John Coltrane has been compared to Albert Einstein by several scholars. Here's one take on that comparrison. To continue the science analogy one step turns out that 23 also happens to be the number of chromosomes in human DNA. Hmmm...coincidence or science at work?   :)

MP3 TRACKS - JAZZ TRIO - Piano, Bass, Drums 

All tracks have a 2 bar count-in

FULL TRIO - ONE CH with MELODY -  5 ch for solos



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