So I was thinking.... 

Clearly, Giant Steps is a work of genius. And playing this song, and learning how to blow over those changes is a rite of passage for a lot of musicians. 

Yes, the song uses 3 tonal centers, Eb, B and G. One day playing through it, I wondered why Coltrane didn't play the melody though all 3 tonal centers?  He travels through Eb and B, but does not journey through G? Was it the 16 bar form that was in use at the time? 

So I decided to try a version with that in mind. Turns out that makes it 23 bar tune. (.PDF OF THE MUSIC)

MP3 TRACKS - JAZZ TRIO - Piano, Bass, Drums 

All tracks have a 2 bar count-in

FULL TRIO - ONE CH with MELODY -  5 ch for solos



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101/11/2022 by David Kowal