1. My Song

children, uplifting, positive, happy


My Song
© kowal/murphy ASCAP

This is my song
I sing it every day
This is my song
I love to hear me say
This is my song
And this is why it's great
This is your song too,
I give my song to you

I sing my song
With melodies I found
Hidden in the country rounds
Where memories abound
And when I'm lost
Inside another crowd
I know that melody will rescue me

This is my song....

I play my song
With rhythms that I found
Rolling through the city streets
From nighttime until dawn
And I have learned
That it won't be too long
Before I find my happy melody

This is my song...

I hear my song
In every little town
Screaming up from underneath
The lonely dusty ground
And now I know
No matter where I roam
This melody will come and set me free
This is my song...