Bio - David

David began a lifetime of music the day he heard his older sister make the most amazing sounds from a small Winter Practice piano in the family living room. He sat down next to her and began to play along. She smiled, and provided encouragement, and he tried to push her off the piano bench!

So at the tender age of six, he began a life-long passion for music.

Early piano lessons in the classics led to the discovery of jazz and a pianist named Oscar Peterson. A few years later, progressive rock music and big band jazz made the journey through his high-school years an enjoyable learning experience.

During this period, David would also discover an aptitude for all things electric and electronic. Homemade speakers, a custom Leslie for his Hammond and ultimately an internship, at the age of fifteen, in a 4-track recording studio instilled an appreciation in him for how to “make music sound good”. 

After high school, he spent two years touring along the East coast in a four piece prog/rock band.


Gigs in Pennsylvania, New York, West Virginia, and Ohio led to new musical growth, and a realization that the next logical step would be a college music education. His high-school music director, James Lagoon suggested Berklee College of Music in Boston.

On that first day of class at Berklee, David knew he was in the right place.  On a Monday morning class instructor Tom Anasotos strolled in and proceeded to play transcribed choruses of a Charlie Parker solo. On his Bari sax. Yes!

His piano teacher was James Williams and learning from James was a defining moment. With assignments like "learn four jazz standards every week. In all twelve keys" and "when you play Bach Inventions, try playing one hand legit and the other swing", David was challenged to become a better musician.

By the time he wrapped up his studies, the music business had changed dramatically. Falling back on his technical skills, and rather than spend endless nights playing disco, David took a gig at Bose Corporation as an electronics technician.

Working at Bose became David's master class in how to “make music sound good.”  In a few years, he was promoted to the position of Recording Engineer, creating effective soundtrack's for Bose’s worldwide marketing programs.

Mixing music, sound effects, and narration in over 15 languages was just another day the office. But, as great as this “office” was, he felt the pull of entrepreneurship. In 1981, together with a like-minded audio engineer, he went into business for himself. 

Over next nine years, his client roster became a who's who of Fortune 100 companies and media production companies in New England: Polaroid Corporation, Houghton-Mifflin Publishing, Raytheon, HHCC Advertising, Penske Racing, KDKA, WGBH, WBZ, The New England Sports Museum and even the Boston Bolts!

In addition to scoring and producing, David continued to perform in and around the Boston area, releasing an indie album, "Crossover" with his band Bridge with a local top 10 hit, "Lookin' For Love."


Moving to London in 1989, David continued his musical journey. All night hip-hop sessions in central London, mixing BBC soundtracks and producing local British singer-songwriters made his London experience rich with musical learning and diversity.

Returning to the States in 1991, he continued to build on his musical experiences by creating music for the Pittsburgh Steelers, Alcoa, Westinghouse, the Pittsburgh Penguins and Penn State Football.

By 1993, he took all of this knowledge and "drove his Chevy" to Los Angeles. Within the first few years, he was scoring music for Disney, CBS and HBO. His participation in the ASCAP Film Scoring Workshop resulted in more work and in 2004 he established a music production facility in West LA to create music and soundtracks.

Projects included That 70's Show, Good Morning America and hundreds of music placements on broadcast and cable networks. At this time, David also established a publishing company with his lifelong partner (and wife!) Barbara. Titusville Publishing administers his entire music catalog for worldwide licensing.








Currently, David is busy writing music for a variety of television production companies, and has just released a new album, A Different Blue on Oil Creek Records.