I’m proud to introduce my Udemy online course, The Complete Musician!

I’ve put 50 years of my practical, professional experience in an easy-to-understand course designed to help you get the music you hear in your head written, and produced, for all of us to enjoy! 

6 hours of lectures, the course content also contains downloadable .zip files, with over 70 videos, and 30 audio files, including videos for practice, files to mix, music to improvise with and more!


Welcome to my online course, The Complete Musician! 

My name is Dave Kowal and I have a professional career in music, recording, producing and composing music. And some of that music you hear every day!  

All of the subjects are taught with real-world experience and include every phase of music-making.  You will learn practical knowledge of music theory basics, composition, live recording, polishing a song, tweaking lyrics, using electronic music and samples. I will teach you all I've learned about mixing, mastering and distributing. When you finish the successful completion of this course, you will have learned the skills that make you a Complete Musician!

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